Scene and Groups

Late eighties, early nineties. In those days it was inevitable, if you wanted to be taken seriously as a coder, to have an alias and even better, a three-letter nick. I started as "Short Circuit - SCC", later left the long form and saved SCC. I did coding as a hobby, even though I took it very seriously.

Some words about the English present in these programs. Of course it was obligatory to write scroll texts in English, it was part of the job. I apologize to everyone who dares to read my texts. These texts were born after one or two years of secondary school English classes. My English is far from perfect today, but it was awful ten (twenty) years ago. I think you'll understand.

Part 1 of Our Answer!Some time later I got to know Wagner Zsolt and started to hang out with him, writing stuff (some teletext like program). His alias was "Teonaki - TEO". After forming a two member group with the name (somewhat personal for TEO) "Egnesc & IC", "High Woltage" was born in 1990, as far as I remember. Those times we did some demo and intro coding, cracking, training games and things like that. The culmination of this period was the Our answer! demo.

With this demo our little clash with the town's wanna-be leader crew, "BCB and HSA", ended. Later I became a member of a real prestigious group "Dynax", which was formed of the best members of the two local leaders. Dynax became internationally known, but without me. It was that period when I started to lose my contact with the C64 (came the Amiga and the PCs), and the guys from Dynax kicked me out for doing nothing in the crew. Or, as I remember, suddenly I just wasn't a crew member anymore.


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C64 Corner

I don't remember exactly when I had my first encounter with the Commodore 64, neither the day when I finished my first program on that machine. But I'm sure that some months later I was programming the 6510 processor in assembly and I was drawing logos and character sets to please my creative instincts.

A year ago (1999?) I ran into a C64 emulator for the PC, the shareware CCS64 of Per Håkan Sundell. While playing the old games like "Revs Simulator", "Katakis", "Le Mans" or "Archon" I realized that somewhere in a drawer I still had my Commodore floppy disks. I borrowed a 1541 II floppy drive and a serial cable and copied all the disks' content into D64 images.


Please note that these disk images are for personal use only. These .D64 files are not distributable by any channels without prior permission of the author.

To view my Commodore 64 products I highly recommend the shareware CCS64 emulator of Per Håkan Sundell. Of course, a real C64 is the best way to experience the touch of the late eighties, early nineties. Visit the CCS64 Home to get the installer.